The Future

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today” Malcom X

Roberto Rotatori’s future projects

The main goal for Roberto Rotatori, the owners, the sponsors and the whole team is Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

If you want to share this project with us you can do it in different ways:

Make your company known as a supporter of a great sporting project, to an exclusive and international public.

Roberto Rotatori at Badminton International Horse Trials with more than 250,000 spectators on the Cross Country dayIf you have a company, and you aspire to be present in the most prestigious international events and  the most exclusive environments, you can do it by supporting our team.

Some of the highest attendances of any sport are in Three Day Eventing, on Badminton Cross Country Day. In 2009, the 60th edition of the event in which Roberto ranked 4th (highest result ever achieved by an Italian rider in the most prestigious eventing competition in the world) there were 250,000 spectators.

Write us to know everything we can do to give visibility to your company and return your support.


Here you can read more about the companies already supporting Roberto.



You can become an Owner and experience the thrill of major international events as the protagonist.

Pura del Castegno e la sua proprietaria Marina Ceschina premiate dopo il campionato italiano dei 5 anni di completoThe future is now:  we need young horses to bring forward, which can become future champions.

Imagine how will you feel when cheering for your horse on the courses of the biggest international events, in beautiful settings and prestigious environments!

To become the owner of a horse trained and shown by Roberto first of all means to be reassured that your horse will be in great hands: he will have respect, dedication, competence, work and adequate goals, but above all he will have the opportunity to express his potential at best.

If you already own a horse and you want to give him/her this opportunity, write to tell us about him and we will let you know what we can do together. If you would like to buy a horse, contact us and we will find the right horse.